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Water marketing information

Acquiring Groundwater and Surface Water

Surface water belongs to the state of Texas. Before using state water, you must obtain a permit from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). In comparison, Texas groundwater belongs to the owner of the land above it and may used or sold as private property. Texas courts have adopted, and the legislature has not modified, the common law rule that a landowner has a right to take for use or sale all the water that he can capture from below his land. More

Groundwater Leasing, Marketing and Sales

Browse presentations from recent Texas Water conferences on Groundwater Leasing, Marketing and Sales. More

Transfers and Transactions

As with other property rights, a water right can be sold, leased or transferred to another person. As such, the water right can be passed or conveyed automatically with the title to the land, unless reserved in a deed, or can be sold separately from the land. In these cases the water code provides that the written instruments conveying water rights may be recorded in the same manner as a property deed. More

Water Quality Trading

The use of market-based approaches to environmental policy in the U.S. is clearly on the rise. Acid rain is being addressed using tradable permits for sulfur dioxide emission, cities throughout the country allow trading in Nitrogen Oxide, wetland mitigation banks are being widely used, and trading in greenhouse gases is authorized by the Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change. More


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