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Surface water information

Environmental Flows

Much of the water in Texas rivers has been allocated to other uses and very little water remains for instream flows. Ultimately,
water will have to be reallocated for instream flow needs. Read more

Surface Water Quality

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, known as the TCEQ, regularly monitors the condition of the state's surface waters and assesses the status of water quality every two years. This assessment is submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is published on the TCEQ Web site as the Texas Water Quality Inventory and 303(d) List. Read more

Watershed Approach to Water Quality Management

The Watershed Approach is an ongoing cycle of tasks: setting standards for surface water quality; taking measurements of the conditions; assessing the data and identifying the impairments including establishing priorities; verifying the pollution sources and developing plans for restoring water quality; and implementing pollution source controls. More


The Watershed Management Approach, Russell A. Persyn, Molly Griffin, Amy T. Williams and Clint Wolfe